Patient Chart Manager

Patient Chart Manager 7.0

Patient Chart Manager is the most customizable, easy to use EMR solution
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Patient Chart Manager is the most customizable, easy to use and feature-packed EMR solution available. Most other EMR programs are constrained by "knowledge base" technology, which forces you to answer a series of questions in logic trees in order to enter a diagnosis − coding and charting a simple ear infection can take over 50 clicks! Patient Chart Manager is unique in that it lets you input your notes the way you want − click, write, dictate or draw. You can use digital versions of all the forms you currently use in your practice. You can also quickly customize the forms and templates as you go, making them as detailed or brief as you want. For those who prefer to use paper, Patient Chart Manager streamlines that process too − it supports handwriting recognition, and enables you to use bar-coded forms that can be scanned and autofiled into the system.
Built-in tools to send, retrieve and autofile all forms that are routinely integrated into charts, including reports and images received via fax or email. Works with all of your existing forms . Unrivaled flexibility − click, write, dictate or draw notes . Configure screen menus and forms to suit your needs

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